I am constantly amazed by the beauty and order of nature. My curiosity and sense of wonder has been fueled by a degree in environmental biology and extensive travel on assignment. I see our world as a giant collage made up of unlimited small elements. My work ranges from large-scale panoramic landscapes to detailed macro views. Sometimes looking at the “whole scene” and other times studying the geometry and colors found in the details. 

Ever evolving, my photographic career has journeyed from the world of corporate clients and international picture agencies to creating murals and artwork from my personal image collection. 

From being published on the covers of Time Magazine, Business Week and annual report covers for McDonald’s and URS, to more recently having photo murals and wall art installed in hospitals, embassies, corporate boardrooms and private residences across the country.

Through my photography I hope to encourage others to explore “our world”, enjoy it and preserve it. And to be more diligent in making balanced choices concerning our natural environment and historical landmarks. The Earth is very precious. We must constantly educate ourselves on better and more productive ways to utilize the earth’s limited resources while still preserving its wilderness and natural beauty. My hope is that future generations will also be able to find places to see and experience the Creator’s handiwork.

Since founding Prime Images, Inc. (over twenty years ago) my ongoing goal has been to deliver the best quality photography and artwork possible. And to make the ordering process as convenient and easy for the client as possible. In a “big box world” we make custom photographic wall art “one at a time”.

My photography collection features original high-resolution panoramic and traditional format  images.  You probably have seen what happens when someone tries to make a large print or mural from a cropped 35mm or small digital file. The photo looks fuzzy or grainy, not a pretty sight.

For information about ordering large-scale photography wall art and “room size” photo wall murals for commercial or residential use, visit my website www.PrimeImagesArt.com

To see my personal collection of nature and travel images available as fine art prints and gallery wrapped wall art, visit my web site at www.LawrenceEditions.com

Selected images are available to order on-line at www.LawrencePhotoGallery.com